How to Make a Project of Mars

You can make an educational project about Mars.
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If you have a school project on Mars due and are stuck for ideas, consider making a Mars diorama from an old shoe box. You can make a charming diorama that displays some fun facts to help others learn about the planet, as well. You will need a few other crafting items, like some spray paint and a foam ball, all of which you can easily find at your local art store or craft shop.

    Remove the top from a shoe box. Cut off one of the longer side panels, making an open side to view the diorama.

    Spray paint the outside and the inside of the box with black spray paint.

    Place a few dozen silver star stickers sporadically along the inside of the shoe box.

    Write out some facts about Mars onto index cards. Use facts from your research, like "Mars has a mild temperature, similar to Earth" or "Mars is known as the Red Planet." Some other facts that students should learn include: Mars has two moons; Mars has higher mountains than any other planet; Mars has deeper canyons than all the other planets; the only water on Mars is frozen. Tape the index cards to the outside panels of the shoe box.

    Spray paint a 6-inch foam craft ball with red paint. Let it dry. Add some spots of darker red paint, using a paint brush, to give texture.

    Cut a plastic drinking straw to about 4 inches tall. Stick one end of the straw into the center of the foam ball and glue the other end to the center of the inside of the shoe box, so it looks like Mars is floating in space.

    Things You'll Need

    • Shoe box
    • Scissors
    • Black spray paint
    • Silver star stickers
    • Index cards
    • Pen
    • Tape
    • Foam craft ball
    • Red paint
    • Drinking straw
    • Glue

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