How to Make a Robot for a Small School Project

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Although most people associate robots with science fiction films, they exist in real life and are used in industries like health care and manufacturing. Every two years, the latest robot innovations are displayed at the International Robot Exhibition in Tokyo. Modern robots can install bolts in an automobile, fill a prescription bottle with pills, and even flip pancakes. While it's complicated to build a robots so complex, building one that rolls around the room takes only a few hours.

    Test the remote control truck chassis with the remote control to make sure it works. Remove the screws that attach the truck body to the chassis using the screwdriver. Pull the antenna wire gently through the hole and pull the truck body off. Leave the front bumper on. Put spare parts and screws aside.

    Wedge the 1 by 2 inch wood block into the open end of the plastic tub. If it's too long, sand it down a little so it fits tightly into the mouth of the opening. Rest the chassis on top of it with its wheels facing up and its front bumper touching the tub. Glue the flat surface across the chassis, just over the battery compartment, to the wood block. Be careful not to get glue on anything else. This is the robot's body.

    Turn the plastic robot body over once the glue has dried, so the open end is facing down. Center the food storage container’s lid across the bottom. The lid should be facing up so the container can later be locked into it. Use a drill to make a hole through the lid and robot body. Put a bolt through the hole. Slide two washers on the bolt before tightening with a nut. The lid should now be connected to the robot body. Connect the container to the lid so it sits on top of the lid upside down.

    Drill a hole in the robot's body to attach it to the front bumper of the truck chassis. Attach the robot's body and truck chassis together with a bolt, nut, and two flat washers. Screw each side of the robot's body to the wood chassis. Make sure the wheels have enough space to spin. Neatly tape the antenna wire inside the robot.

    To fasten the foam bumper around the robot, drill two adjacent holes in each quarter of its body until you have eight holes evenly distributed around the diameter. Place wire ties through the holes and wrap them around the foam noodle to hold it in place. Operate the robot with the remote control.

    Things You'll Need

    • Chassis from a remote control truck
    • Remote control from the same truck
    • 1.5 bushel laundry basket
    • Plastic storage container with lid
    • Plastic foam noodle
    • Piece of 1-by-2 lumber
    • Screws
    • Epoxy glue
    • Tape
    • Long nylon wire ties
    • Sandpaper
    • Nuts
    • Bolts
    • Flat washers
    • Screwdriver
    • Drill
    • Safety goggles


    • Spray paint or apply glitter to your robot


    • Wear safety goggles when handling a drill. Make sure that an adult is present.


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