How to Make a Star Diagram

On a star diagram, the main topic remains in the middle and features are spread to the sides.
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The term "star diagram" refers to two types of graphs, one organizing the characteristics of a single topic and the other showing the intensity of a specific topic's characteristics. They take their name from their shape, which resembles the luminous elements of a night sky. Making either of the two graphs is a quite straightforward task, requiring only a few simple shapes. However, their design is not identical, and you need to follow a different method to make each type of star diagram.

Star Diagram (Topic and Characteristics)

    Form the central part of the star chart. You must choose the shape according to the number of special characteristics you are about to list. If you only have five features for example, make a pentagon. If the you have more characteristics than five, form a circle using a compass.

    Make isosceles triangles, with their bases being the sides of the graph's center. All triangles must be of the same size to give the impression of a star.

    Write the main topic on the central shape. Continue listing individual characteristics along each side of the star.

Star Diagram (Features' Intensity)

    Form a vertical and horizontal line of the same length with a common middle point. This is called a Cartesian coordinate plane. The horizontal line is the x-axis, and the vertical one is the y-axis.

    Draw two equal-length diagonal lines that have a common middle point with the x- and y-axis to add space for more than four features. If your must graph more than eight characteristics, draw more diagonal lines crossing the middle point.

    Divide each axis into 20 equal parts. Assign one special characteristic on each side of the axes and mark their intensity on a scale of 0 to 10. For example, for a professional software program, you can mention its speed, price, usability and compatibility.

    Connect each intensity mark with those directly next to it, drawing straight lines. Paint the space inside those lines using coloring pens to finish the diagram.

    Things You'll Need

    • Ruler
    • Compass
    • Coloring pens

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