How to Make a Volcano Experiment for Kids

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A volcano experiment is an easy, classic and fun way to introduce science to young children. There are several ways to do this experiment, and it can be done very cheaply with a plastic soda bottle. The experiment should lead to a mini-explosion, so it should be done outdoors or in a spot covered with newspapers or some other expendable material.

    Rinse out the soda bottle completely. Place the dry bottle in the middle of the pan. Build the dirt up around the bottle until it's near the lid. Do not get any of the soil inside.

    Pour 1 tbsp. of baking soda into the bottle. Mix the food coloring into 1 cup of vinegar.

    Pour the vinegar into the soda bottle. You should get a "lava" spray coming out of the bottle and flowing down your volcano!


    • For a permanent volcano, use modeling clay instead of dirt around the bottle.


    • Don't let anyone put her face over the top of the bottle. Have little children stand at least a few feet away when you add the vinegar to the bottle.


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