Making Wood Rain Gutters

Making Wood Rain Gutters
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Wooden rain gutters help to protect rain water, molds and warping effects from damaging building foundations. They can also be aesthetically appealing and long-lasting. Make wooden rain gutters to repair worn out parts or maintain the intent of the initial architectural design. Making wooden rain gutters is an expensive undertaking, with prices ranging from $ 11 to $ 20 per foot. It is easier to order pre-made custom designs from a store or factory.

Selection of Wood

Wood gutters come from materials that are naturally resistant to water, common woods are Douglas fir, cedar and redwood. Costing from $ 10 and cut in lengths of 10 and 20 feet, the most ideal of these is the redwood, known to last up to 100 years with proper care. These wooden gutters are heavy in weight and need care during installation; some of its common applications are during restoration projects. In modern construction and installations, wooden rain gutters feature less since their availability and shipping is cumbersome and costly.

Purchasing and Shipping

Custom wood gutters are available for purchase by simply placing an order. Some companies that offer advice are Home Blue Contractor Network, Global Wood and Western Wood Products Association. Proper advice is accessible through these companies before committing to any installation deal. Design patterns for a particular preference are available with advance notice. These services ease the grueling task that accompanies construction and planning. Installation is a tedious affair and may require a handful of helping hands to accomplish if one is going it alone.

Repair and Maintenance

Before repair work starts, wooden gutters need cleaning and and rotten wood replaced. Size and length depends on the roof surface. Draining and sanding is necessary before painting. The interior leg spills water outside and is one quarter inch above the outer one. Since weathering takes place mostly in the interior, it’s advisable to apply some ply roofing membrane, such as deck seal or chevron shingle oil lining, to provide insulation against water and allow the wood “breathing” space. Then paint the outside with normal paint.

Cost Effectiveness

Wooden gutters are sturdier compared to vinyl, aluminum and other materials. Their drawback is that they need a lot of workmanship during installation and are not cost-effective when compared to other materials. They drain water slower and rot from stagnated water, if not cared for properly. Most homeowners consider time, cost and the possibility of easy installation, compared to wood that is heavy, needs adequate techno-how to install and a high level of maintenance. Wooden gutters are mainly limited to restoration and repair work of older homes.

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