How Many Basic Math Facts Should Students Complete in One Minute?

Manipulatives can help children who struggle with math to learn basic facts or concepts.
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Students Should Complete 20 Facts

"The goal for general education students should be to complete 20 math facts with 100% accuracy," according to Lack of speed in solving basic math problems causes impairments in the development of effective math skills. Daily drills should be used to work on speed and accuracy so that solving basic math problems will become more automatic for pupils.

Some Children Can Develop at Their Own Pace

Students with disabilities often need to use manipulatives and counting to solve math facts. According to "Section 504 requires recipients to provide to students with disabilities appropriate educational services designed to meet the individual needs." Students with learning handicaps can be given more time to solve math problems.

Bottom Line

Students should practice math drills each day until they can successfully complete 20 basic math problems in 60 seconds with 100 percent accuracy. According to, "Lack of speed can dramatically diminish student's performance of mathematical functions." However, children with learning disabilities can develop speed and accuracy at their own pace when solving math facts .


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