Math Games That You Can Play Without a Flash Player

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Play math Battleship or solve a hidden puzzle with math problems online. Learn how to play Math Mahjong and play memory games. Math bingo, math problem generators, Math Man (which is similar to Pac Man) and a scientific notation scavenger hunt are all available online without the use of Flash.

CoolMath's Number Monster, Algebra Crunchers and Brain Benders

Play Algebra Crunchers at CoolMath without Flash.
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Make 10 pennies into a triangle then rearrange three pennies to flip the triangle upside down -- or rearrange two toothpicks in a four-square configuration to make the four squares into seven with Brain Bender games at CoolMath4Kids. The animated logic games on this site require Flash but the rest of the Brain Bender games do not. CoolMath4Kids also has a Number Monster game that generates basic math problems and an Algebra Cruncher game that generates problems (with hints and answers) about polynomials, exponents, logarithms, lines, fractions and algebraic functions. None of these games require Flash.

Counting Games with Curious George and Math Bingo

Play the PBS Kids' interactive counting game, Glass Palace, with Curious George, where sequential numbers are revealed in windows with George posing as a window washer. Play addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and geometry hidden picture games at APlusMath. The games give players math problems and the solutions are chosen from cards displayed -- each correct card chosen reveals part of a picture. You can also play online versions of Math bingo and addition through geometry Concentration memory games at APlusMath. None of these games require Flash.

Mixed Math Mahjong and Math Man

Play math games such as Math Man online to practice math skills.
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Basic math operations such as addition and multiplication, fractions, decimals, telling time, counting money, measurements, pre-algebra and Roman numerals are all subjects covered in games at the Sheppard Software website. Multiplication Picnic, Matching Money, Mixed Math Mahjong and Math Man, which is like Pac Man, are all there and none require Flash.

Math Battleship and a Scientific Notation Scavenger Hunt

Play math Battleship online at Quia's website.
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Solve words in virtual hangman games or play interactive math Battleship games at Quia. In the Battleship games, players guess from a grid to try to locate opponents' battleships to sink them. When a grid area is picked that has a battleship, players must answer a math question to allow the turn to become a hit on the ship. Go on an Internet scavenger hunt about scientific notations terms at Quia as well. None of these games require Flash.


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