How to Measure 1 Acre in Feet

How to Measure 1 Acre in Feet
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Acres and square footage are terms that are applied to the area of a piece of land. These measurements are extremely important when buying or selling a piece of property. You also may have to measure acres or feet if you are planning a landscaping or building project. An acre is equal to 43,560 square feet. There are multiple combinations of measurements in feet that will equal the product of 43,560.

    Measure a distance of 208.71 feet. This is the equivalent of 208 feet and 8.52 inches. Mark the starting and ending points for this measurement.

    Measure the same distance running perpendicular to your starting point from the previous step.

    Perform the same measurement twice more to form a square. Each side of the square should equal 208.71 feet, which is equal to 1 acre.

    Create different shapes that equal an acre by dividing the product 43,560 by various values. For instance, you could have a lot that was 150 feet on two of the sides and 290.4 feet on the other two sides.

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