How to Find a Natural Log on a TI-30

Natural logs cancel out exponents in exponential equations.
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The TI-30 is a type of scientific calculator manufactured by Texas Instruments. The TI-30 is sold in three different models, including the TI-30Xa, the TI-30X IIS and the TI-30XS Multiview. The TI-30 calculator line is ideal for advanced scientific calculations, particularly if you are a student. All of the TI-30 calculators provide a function to calculate the natural log of whatever number you enter into the calculator. Thus, finding the natural log on a TI-30 calculator takes only a few seconds.

    Find the button with the letters "LN" written on top of it. The button is usually located in the upper left portion of the TI-30 calculator.

    Enter the number you want to calculate the natural log on the TI-30 calculator.

    Click the "LN" button on the calculator. The calculator will output a number which is the natural log of the number you entered.

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