How to Find Out If You Have an NZQA Number

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If you’re applying to be a student at an educational establishment in New Zealand, you are going to be asked for your New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA)-administered National Student Number (NSN). If you’ve never heard of the number before, you will need to find out if you have one for your application. The numbers were first issued in 2001, and were issued to any student sitting for National Certificate of Educational Achievement exams. Finding out if you have a number is easy if you’ve recently been in the education, and the date they were introduced should be able to tell you if you wouldn’t have been issued one.

    Find one of your Record of Achievement summaries or exam results. NSN numbers have been issued to students across all educational sectors in New Zealand since 2006 and are printed on results notices and Record of Achievement summaries issued by the NZQA. The NSN number is located in the top right hand corner of the Record of Achievement summary, just above the date. It is in the same position on results notices.

    Ask an educational body to find it out for you. If you’re applying for a course, you can ask any tertiary education provider to find out your number for you. Educational establishments need to find out information from the NZQA regularly for students who haven’t previously had a number or who need their records updated. If you ask, many will find your NSN number for you when you apply.

    Fill out the form to get a copy of your Record of Achievement. This was previously known as your Record of Learning and has your NSN number on it. If you’ve completed a National Certificate of Educational Achievement exam within the past year, you will be able to access the information once for free. This is because you will have had points added onto your NZQA file, and the information is easily accessible. You can complete the form online or download a PDF version to mail in from the NZQA. If you won’t have had points credited in the last year, you have to pay $15.30, as of 2010, for a copy, but you can still fill in the same application form.

    Think about the dates if you’re still not sure if you will have an NSN. If the last time you were in the education system was before 2001, you were probably never issued one. The establishment to which you are applying for a course will be able to determine one out for you with the NZQA.

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