How to Package to Protect an Egg for a Science Project?

Your egg will require padding, and something to cushion the impact.
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A popular school project is packaging an egg, so that it will not break when dropped from the roof of a building. Several ways of packaging eggs have been attempted, some successful, and some not so successful. The egg needs something to cushion the impact of hitting the cement. The process can be tricky, and you'll have to test your methods several times, to ensure that your design will hold up during the actual experiment.

    Wrap the egg carefully in a few layers of bubble wrap. Place the wrapped egg in the three-by-three box. Fill in any gaps with extra bubble wrap. Close the box with packing tape.

    Line the five-by-five box with a layer of newspaper. Place the sealed box inside the bigger box and fill any gaps with newspaper.

    Seal the bigger box with more tape, ensuring the box is closed tight. Test your design a couple of times, to ensure the egg will not break. Make adjustments as needed.

    Things You'll Need

    • Three-by-three cardboard box
    • Five-by-five cardboard box
    • Newspaper
    • Bubble wrap
    • Egg
    • Packing tape

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