How to Paint a Water Tower

Water towers can be made colorful.
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Water towers are containers that act as water reservoirs, providing extra water storage in a town. They are used to supply water to homes during excess demand and act as water supply backups in case of a power outage or a town's pumps fail. No pumping is required since the water towers are elevated and have enough pressure to pump water. Painting a water tower requires a high level of safety measures to be taken into consideration.

    Empty the tower a few weeks prior to the date set for painting. Wrap the tower in a containment shroud running from the top to the bottom when painting outside the tower. The crew thus works under the curtain. Remove any antennas that may be on top of the tower to give way to the painting crew.

    Purchase painting equipment: brushes, rollers, harnesses, paint buckets and tower fall protection equipment to ensure the safety of painters. The crew should be insured in case an accident occurs. Attach the buckets to a rope and harness across your waist. Buckle a harness connected to a rope to your safety belt for safety measures.

    Ensure that the safety harness is tightly attached to a safety rope and the chest harness crosses over the shoulders and chest and joins at the waist. Wear a helmet. Step onto ladders and platforms that are anchored to the ground using steel ropes as you make your way up the tower. Step on the catwalks or platforms when painting. Ensure that the outside of the tower is clean before you begin painting. Blast the surface to remove any debris that may have accumulated on it. Remove all the dirt to avoid an unpleasant result after painting.

    Cover all the parts that you do not want to paint. These covered parts may be painted using a different color or may be left for logos. When painting inside the tower, lay a cloth on the floor to avoid spilling the paint on the floor

    Apply two coats of primer paint with a steady back-and-forth motion on the tank as it gives you a smoother finish. Use spray paints to paint the tower after making sure the primer coat has dried. Allow each spray paint coat to dry before applying another coat. Continually inspect the paint as you apply. Mitt paint the tower to ensure better coverage. Spray painting may not give you the finishing you want as it requires you to go around the tower to paint well.

    Things You'll Need

    • Paint gallons
    • Helmet
    • Harness
    • Ropes
    • Rollers and brushes


    • Apply an eye-catching color scheme by incorporating different colors or art.

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