Parts of a Dock

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Depending on the style and function of a particular dock, the parts may vary. Floating docks require different types of parts than a fixed pier or a tie-off piling-style dock.


Pilings are the necessary support system of a fixed pier. Pilings are usually made of wood or steel and are driven into the ground or rock below the water.


For floating docks, large buoys or buoyant material must be placed under the dock in order to create a weight-bearing surface.

Tie-Off Piling

Tie-off pilings are a single piling used to anchor boats in position, but do not provide a walking or weight-bearing surface to stand on.

Eye Bolts

Eye bolts are used to connect separate sections of dock to one another using steel rods.


Some dock pilings have mechanical lifts placed on the outer pilings to lift up boats from high wake areas or winter weather.

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