How to Convert Meters per Second to Miles per Hour

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Many people may find it daunting to convert from meters per second to miles per hour since you are not only converting the distance, but you are also converting the time in which the distance is traveled. The long way to do this requires you establish how many seconds are in an hour and then to convert meters to miles, before you even convert the rate. There is no need to reinvent the wheel, so to speak, so you can just use a single handy formula to convert meters per second to miles per hour.

    Establish the amount of meters per second that you wish to convert to miles per hour.

    Multiply the rate of meters per second by 2.2369.

    Example: 30 meters per second times 2.2369 equals 67.107, so 30 meters per second equals 67.107 miles per hour.

    Check your work by dividing your result by 2.2369. If you arrive at your original rate of meters per second then you have properly done your work.

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