Pharmacy Research Topics

Pharmacy Research Topics
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Pharmacy research ideas encompasses a variety of topics dealing with drugs and pharmaceuticals. Some broad areas of pharmaceutical research relate to drug delivery, pharmaceutical cell biology, medicinal chemistry and medicine management. Faculty and graduate students at pharmaceutical colleges typically engage in such research, and some go on to develop new drugs and delivery methods.

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For students pursing doctorate degrees, pharmacy research offers many topics for a thesis, such as developing new drugs for cancer treatments, drug delivery methods, pharmaceutical cell biology and medicine management. Other topic ideas include plants as a source of medicinal products, interaction of drugs with RNA, synthetic medicines and many more.

Cancer Drug Studies

Cancer drug studies represent one type of pharmacological research topic. For instance, researchers study the role of steroid drugs in the growth of breast cancer. Other topics include the development of new cancer therapies and using targeted approaches for drug delivery to treat cancer. These types of studies aim to help patients deal with cancer and better handle the effects of cancer.

Drug Delivery

Another major topic for pharmacy research relates to drug delivery. One such research study at looks at the design and evaluation of drug delivery systems, emphasizing some methods of delivery such as liposomes and liquid crystals. Another research project studies the immediate environment of the lung, particularly how a person reacts to inflammatory stress and the use of drug treatments. Investigators use human lung epithelial cell culture for the study, studying humans as well as animals.

Pharmaceutical Cell Biology

Research in the area of pharmaceutical cell biology aims to understand basic cell biology and relate the findings to diseases in humans. Some such research projects in this area have dealt with topics such as inflammation processes in human disease, mechanisms for cell-to-cell communications and mechanisms of carcinogenesis. This sort of research is likely to involve close work with biologists who have similar research interests in these sorts of topics.

Medicine Management

Medicines management research looks into the cost effectiveness of new interventions that aim to improve the health of patients. Some of this research focuses on older people and on mental illness along with medicine management. These topics deal with the evaluation of pharmacist-led services, interventions that improve the adherence of medications, consultation skills, medication review services and interventions for reducing the problems that come about as a result of dysphagia.

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