The Best Places to Dig for Quartz Crystals in Arkansas

Plan your next dig-your-own Arkansas quartz crystal vacation.
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Dig-your-own quartz sites allow rock enthusiasts, as well as adventurers, to spend the day digging for quartz in Arkansas, which has the largest deposits of quartz in the United States. According to, “Geologists say Arkansas and Brazil have the best quality quartz in the world…tourists from all over the world head for the Hot Springs and Mount Ida area to go prospecting in the abundant Quartz Crystal deposits of the Ouachitas..” Prior to starting your mining quest with your friends and family, do your homework to ensure a pleasant experience. Certain digging sites do not allow children or provide an outhouse (bathroom). Group minimums are often imposed and will often charge a fee per pound of your discovered quartz.

Gee and Dee Quartz Crystal Mine

This family operated business is ranked as one of the best experiences among travelers. Unlike most digging sites, the Gee and Dee Quartz Mine, north of Mount Ida, allows you and your family, which includes children, to dig in the mine walls and find crystal pockets as opposed to digging in the tailings, which already have been high graded. The travelers are usually greeted by Dee upon arrival at their home which is your adventure’s starting point. The couple will spend the day digging with your family, as well as guide you to find quartz. There is also an outhouse with running water in the digging area. Although you will most likely not be able to wear your digging clothes any longer, travelers walk away with great memories and their quartz findings.

Gee and Dee Quartz Mine 4764 Highway 27 N Story, Arkansas 71970 970-867-4561

Arrowhead Quartz Crystal Mine

Ten minutes from Mount Ida and located in the Crystal Mountains is the Arrowhead Quartz Crystal Mine. Customer service is one of the main concerns for Matt (owner) and Brian to offer. You are taken to the digging site and safety precautions and tips are shared with you and your family to ensure an enjoyable experience. The Arrowhead Quartz Mine also won 9 out of 10 place finishes in the cluster and points division during the 2008 World Championship of Quartz Crystal Dig, which is held every year the second weekend in October.

Arrowhead Quartz Crystal Mine Owley Road Mount Ida, Arkansas 870-326-4443

Sweet Surrender Quartz Crystal Mine

North of Mount Ida is the Sweet Surrender Quartz Crystal Mine, which is a commercial operational mine. You will be given a safety lesson and will also be told where you can and cannot dig. According to “…the best and showiest pieces can be found at the mines.” The Sweet Surrender website encourages you to call Becky directly prior to your trip with any digging questions. Becky offers her knowledge as part of the customer service and also has a wealth of information regarding the metaphysical meanings pertaining to the quartz crystals. Travelers walk away with buckets of crystals and great memories.

Sweet Surrender Quartz Crystal Mine 2806 Highway 27 N Story, Arkansas 71970 870-867-7014 870-867-0104 870-867-7075

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