Plants & Animals of Belgium

Plants & Animals of Belgium
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Belgium is a country in Northwest Europe with a primarily temperate climate. The region boasts an impressive array of flora and fauna and is also the home of some reforestation programs. Visiting Belgium can offer you the opportunity to study many of its native plant and animal species.


Great Argus Pheasant

Pheasants are a popular game bird found mostly in Europe. There are an estimated 48 species of pheasants in the world, and in Belgium the great argus pheasant is mostly spotted. The great argus pheasant is the most eye-catching species of pheasant with a strong display of sexual dimorphism. Sexual dimorphism denotes differences in genders in the animal kingdom. An example of this can be the male peacock, whose feathers are brighter and more vibrant in color than the female peacock.


A Pine Marten

The marten is a small omnivorous mammal from the weasel family. It lives mainly in trees in Europe and can be widely spotted throughout Belgium. The marten is often hunted and exploited by trappers for its luxurious and and superior pelt.


Dutch Hyacinth

A hyacinth is a common name for a variety of plants in the lily family. The Dutch hyacinth is commonly found in Belgium and the Netherlands. It is highly cultivated and is a favorite for home gardeners around the world.

Eurasian Peregrine Falcon

The Eurasian peregrine falcon is an endangered species of falcon that can be found in Belgium and other areas throughout Europe and even Asia. They don't migrate and their diet consists of smaller birds.

Lily Of The Valley

The lily of the valley produces aromatic flowers that are desired in commercial fragrances. It also proves to become a pest as it is resistant to climate change and it possesses a dominant root structure. In Belgium, these flowers vine and flourish all over the region.

Wild Strawberries

Wild Strawberries

The meadow strawberry of Belgium is a perennial herb in the rose family of plants. It thrives throughout the grassy meadows of Belgium and other parts of Europe and is harvested by locals to the region for jams and other treats.


Rosy Periwinkle

There are many varieties of periwinkle thriving in Belgium, including the rosy periwinkle which is normally found in Madagascar and is thought to be a remedy for Hodgkins lymphoma.

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