Help With Pre-Employment Math Test Questions

Together with resumes, applications and interviews, employers utilize pre-employment tests to screen candidates for a job position. Employers use different tests depending on the industry and the job position. Some tests combine psychometrics, verbal and numerical skills, while others are just administered singly. Although these tests are not necessarily used to eliminate candidates, the pre-employment math test questions assess your ability to solve problems and form deductions from sets of data.


Pre-employment math tests usually include an arithmetic component. Arithmetic questions include basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. These questions are used to assess your speed in solving basic mathematical problems and are commonly employed to test candidates for positions such as clerical, cashier, managerial and entry-level positions. Employers administer approximately 25 to 35 questions to be answered in 20 to 30 minutes. To be able to answer this many questions within the given period of time, you will need to do some practice and time yourself on basic arithmetic.

Number Sequence

Number sequence is an aspect of the aptitude math test that requires a candidate to arrange numbers in a correct series. This assesses your ability to make relations between numbers within the given period of time. To answer number sequence questions, you need to investigate the interval between the numbers. This will enable you to know whether these numbers are related by adding, subtracting, dividing or multiplying a specific number. When you establish the relationship between the numbers, you are then able to perform the arithmetical operation to find the next number in the sequence.

Numerical Reasoning

Numerical reasoning is largely used in managerial positions that require an individual to interpret data as part of the job description. The tests include data and questions related to that data. Candidates are expected to use the provided data to logically answer the questions. Most of these types of tests are industry specific and may therefore use jargon or data that relates to a particular career field. To answer these questions correctly, you will need to have an education in the particular field you are applying to.


Unlike with personality tests, it is possible to prepare for pre-employment math test questions. Practicing in advance with sample aptitude test questions from online sites can help familiarize you with the different aspects of the test. Sites such as Queendom and SHL Direct as well as career pages of university websites are good sources for sample tests to help you prepare. Additionally, you can ask your prospective employer for a sample of previous tests.

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