How to Get Prepared for Seventh Grade

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Students who want to prepare for the next grade level should be praised for their ambition, so don't be afraid to ask your teachers for study materials. They will likely be impressed with your enthusiasm for study. Seventh grade is an important year in middle school because it prepares students for the academic concepts that will be covered in the eighth grade, and eighth grade skills lay the foundation for high school. Thus, preparing for the transition effectively involves paying attention in sixth grade classes because seventh grade work will build on that information.

    See the school counselor for information about how seventh grade is different from sixth grade. The school counselor might have study materials available. School counselors also know how standardized tests change from year to year and can help students prepare for advances in testing difficulty.

    Ask your school librarian for books that are at or above the seventh grade reading level. Use these reading materials to improve vocabulary skills. Each time you encounter an unfamiliar word, look up the definition in a print or online dictionary. Make a list of books to read throughout the summer.

    Ask your math teacher for copies of seventh grade math worksheets. Your sixth grade math teacher may not responsible for seventh grade math classes, so you may want to ask the seventh grade math teacher for preparation materials.

    Look online with your parents for study activities that help prepare students for seventh grade. One good example is FamilyEducation's resource "Your Seventh Grader," which offers activities that help students prepare for seventh grade academic skills (Reference 1). It is targeted to parents but you can explore it together. Your parents might also be more familiar with using search engines and be able to help you narrow your results on the Internet.

    Use summer break to prepare for the seventh grade by reading throughout the summer, especially books you know are on the seventh grade reading level. Keep up with math skills by completing worksheets and by using math everyday. Use math by calculating any spending money you might have coming in from your allowance or paper route, for instance, or altering the portion needs of recipes.

    Prepare to advance your study skills. Improving study skills makes school easier overall because you won't have to sort through disorganized handouts and study guides to find the information you need. According to greatschools, seventh graders can benefit from learning to use a planner. Ask your guidance counselor about any free planners the school might have available (Reference 2).

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