How to Program a TI 83 Plus Calculator to Solve Rational Equations

Input your Y value into the calculator in order to solve algebra equations.
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The TI-83 Plus graphing calculator is a standard calculator many math students use. The power of graphing calculators over regular calculators is that they can handle advanced algebraic math functions. One such function is solving rational equations. There are many pen-and-paper methods to solving rational equations. Additionally, you can use the graphing capabilities of the calculator to find the solution. However, with the TI-83's equation solver function, it is very easy to program the calculator to solve an equation automatically.

    Press the "Math" button and choose the "Solver..." option.

    Enter the equation into the "0=" field. Note that the equation must be solved for zero.

    Press "Enter" or the down arrow to save your equation.

    Enter values for each of the variables. For the known variables, enter the known values. For the unknown variable, enter a guess value (optional). Entering a guess value may make the solving process faster. If you don't enter a guess, 0 will be the default guess.

    Place the cursor on the variable you want to solve for.

    Press the "Alpha [solve]" key above the "Enter" key. This will display the answer for the unknown variable.

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