Project Ideas for an Egg Drop With Instructions

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Egg drops can be some of the most fun a student will have in school. Using science, logic and a little bit of luck, each participant creates a device that will hold a raw and, hopefully, protect it from a high fall. The goal of the egg drop is to keep your egg intact after it falls. There are lots of different and fun ways to attempt to achieve this goal.

Cereal Method

One way to attempt to protect your egg is with puffed rice cereal and several resealable plastic bags. You will want at least five sandwich size bags and one gallon bag. Put your raw egg in one of the sandwich bags and add cereal to the bag, positioning the egg in the center of cereal. Fill the remaining sandwich bags with cereal and place all of the bags in the gallon bag, placing the bag containing the egg in the center. The cereal should protect your egg.

Styrofoam cups

You can use eight Styrofoam cups and a rock to create a stack of cups that will protect the egg during a fall. Take the first cup and place a heavy rock in the bottom of the cup. The rock needs to be heavier than the egg. Place six more cups on top, stacking them. Insert the raw egg into the seventh cup and place the eighth cup on top. Attach the cups together with tape. The rock should hit the bottom first during the drop and the rest of the cups will protect the eggs.

Pantyhose box

You can create a cradle of sorts for your egg with a shoe box and pantyhose. Take a pair of nylons and cut off one of the legs. Insert the raw egg into the pantyhose leg and put the egg in the middle, near the knee. Tie knots in the pantyhose on both sides of the egg so it cannot move. Place the pantyhose leg across the top of the shoe box opening with the egg in the center and pull it tight. Staple both ends of the pantyhose to the box. The pantyhose should move just a bit when the box falls, protecting the egg.

Bubble wrapped water bottle

A small plastic water bottle and bubble wrap can also be used to make a protective case for the egg. Take a 20 oz. water bottle and cut it in half. Fill the top portion with bubble wrap and place the raw egg in the center of the wrap. The bottom of the water bottle should also be filled with bubble wrap and then both pieces of the water bottle should be put back together. Secure the halves of the water bottle together with tape and secure additional bubble wrap to the outside of the water bottle with more tape.


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