Purpose of Growing Crystals

Crystal growing experiments are a fun activity for learning about geology.
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There are numerous reasons to grow crystals and many different types that you can grow. Whether you want to grow them for a science experiment or to make rock candy, the types you can grow are endless.


A main reason to grow crystals is for science projects and classroom demonstrations. Such as growing stalactites and stalagmites, making crystal gardens, creating borax snowflakes and salt crystals. However, there are fun projects too, such as making rock candy and exotic crystal growing.

Time Frame

The amount of time it takes to grow crystals varies, depending on the project you are doing. There are super fast crystal growing techniques that take only a few hours for the crystals to form, while other projects can take a few days, to a few weeks.


The size of the crystals that you grow will vary depending on the type crystals you are growing. You can make clusters of spiky crystals or a snowflake crystal that will be approximately 2 inches across.


While growing crystals you can also add food coloring to create colored crystal gardens and snowflakes. Crystals can also be made out of alum, chrome and phosphate to name a few.


When growing crystals, they do come out wet and need to be dried carefully. Also, years of handling them will dull their shine and color.

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