How to Get Red Brick Dust

Dust can be made from bricks.
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Red brick dust is a traditional magical ingredient that has been used for many centuries. When used at the entrance of a home or place of business, red brick dust is thought to offer spiritual protection for those residing in the building while warding off enemies. Red brick dust is also used on baseball fields, dugouts and outdoor pathways. Red brick dust can be purchased from several places or made by hand.

    Go to a landscape and masonry store where materials can be purchased in bulk.

    Browse online landscape and masonry stores. Some stores offer free shipping and online calculator tools to help determine the amount of red brick dust you will need.

    Find an occult store in your area or online if you are using the red brick dust for magic. This type of red brick dust is made while spells are chanted.

    Make your own brick dust from old bricks. Chip the bricks with a hammer or bang two bricks together. Grind small pieces down to brick dust using a mortar and pestle, which are commonly used to grind spices.

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