How to Remove Duplicates in Two Rows in OpenOffice

Remove duplicate data from your spreadsheet to prevent future complications.
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If not removed, duplicate row data in your OpenOffice Calc files can run the risk of interfering with the accuracy of your spreadsheet statistics. While OpenOffice Calc does not offer an integrated tool to remove duplicate data, you can use a formula to pinpoint the duplicates in your rows and then use the Sort tool to select and remove them from your file. Using the formula to detect the duplicates in your rows is particularly helpful if you're working with a large amount of information.

Digging for Duplicates

In your OpenOffice spreadsheet, select all of the columns that hold your data. Under "Data," click "Sort" and sort your data by column A in Ascending or Descending order. Click on the next empty cell in your first row (for instance, if your data ends in column C, click on empty cell D1). Type in the formula "=IF (A1=A2;1;0)" and then press the "Enter" key.

Drag the handle in the lower right corner of the cell to copy the formula to all rows. The formula will place a "1" next to any row it recognizes as a duplicate. OpenOffice recommends that you copy the values produced by the formulas over the formula cells themselves to freeze the contents.

Copy all of the cells in your formula column, then press "Shift-Ctrl-V." Check "Number" in the Paste Special window, but leave all other fields unchecked and click "OK." Next, sort all of your data by the column with your formula results. All of the rows marked "1" are duplicates and will now be grouped together so you can delete them.