How to Remove Solar Panels From a Roof

Typical residential solar panel
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There are any number of situations in which leaving solar panels attached your a roof may be undesirable; inclement weather could be threatening to damage them, you might want to perform a repair or cleaning, or you might be disengaging them because you’re moving.

In any case, the mounting style of solar panels makes it fairly simple to remove them, although the operation should still be undertaken with considerable care to observe basic safety measures.

    Turn off the circuit breakers taking electricity from your solar panels, and if possible, lock them into the “Off” position.

    Put on your insulated gloves, and undo the bolts/screws holding the solar panel to the rooftop. Put them into your pocket to avoid losing them, and remove the solar panel from its mounting surface.

    Unplug the power wires from the underside of the panel and ensure that the panel is no longer connected in any way to the rooftop. Lower it gently to the ground.

    Things You'll Need

    • Adjustable wrench
    • Screwdriver
    • Insulated gloves


    • This operation is really best undertaken by a professional with experience, who will stand by their work in case of damage to the panel.

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