How to Remove UV Brighteners from Clothing

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UV (ultra-violet) brighteners in clothing gather energy from light and reflect that energy into a narrow band that causes a white or blue glow. Although this glow cannot be seen by the naked human eye, animals--particularly deer--are very sensitive to this reflective coloring. As a result, hunters in general, and deer hunters in particular, should take precautions to neutralize and remove these UV brighteners.

    Run a small black light over clothing. A glow caused by a black light will indicate the presence of UV brighteners in clothing.

    Spray clothing with a UV neutralizer spray such as U-V-Killer. These sprays neutralize and block the UV reflections.

    Verify with the black light that no glowing "hot spots" have been missed.

    Wash clothes in a UV-free detergent to prevent UV reflectors being redeposited. Regular detergents will redeposit UV brighteners and residue, so it is important to use a UV-free detergent such as Sport-Wash.

    Things You'll Need

    • Small black light
    • UV neutralizing spray
    • UV neutralizing detergent


    • As long as a UV-free detergent is used, clothing should remain UV free. Occasional spot checks with a black light can verify that no UV hot spots exist.


    • If clothing is washed in regular detergent, it must be retreated with a UV-blocking spray.

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