Research Topic Ideas for Biology

Biology research topics range from human to plants to animals.
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Biology is a field rich with ideas for research topics. There are countless ways in which to approach the many problems faced by biologists, and ongoing research in a number of areas lends itself to further study. Biology is a broad subject with highly specialized niches, and, depending on what specific area you are studying, you may find a bit of difficulty in narrowing down your choices.

Ethics and Research

The field of biology is no stranger to ethical debates. Methods of study, topics of study, and what to do with results have all brought moral opposition in the past. Look for topics with a strong ethical undercurrent and attempt to address some of the concerns. Possible topics include cloning, DNA modification, stem cell research, human testing and biological warfare.

Human Biology

Biology covers all living creatures, but studies that involve humans are often the most intriguing. Research on humans is necessary to understand how the body works and how to solve problems that may occur. Human-related research topics like vaccinations, the history of biological study, pharmaceutical research, and birth control are all intriguing topics with a wide range of back-story.

Seeking Medical Breakthroughs and Cures

Modern medicine simply would not be possible without the aid of biological studies. An understanding of cell structure, bacteria, viruses, and dozens of other topics is necessary both to professionals in the medical field and those who work to provide them with research and treatments. Conduct a study on research regarding uncured problems like HIV/AIDS or cancer, or delve into major medical breakthroughs aided by biology like antibiotics or surgery.

Broad Basics Topics

Biology has no shortage of broad topics that can be explored to any depth desired by the researcher. Work on investigating the construction of cells in both human and plant life, or understanding how single-celled organisms multiply and procreate. Study the phenomenon of bioluminescence, in which organisms glow as a result of their biological processes, or the effects of drugs on the human brain.

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