How to Reset a TI89

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The Texas Instruments TI-89 is a popular graphing calculator, especially for advanced high school and college math courses. This calculator has dozens of settings and options to allow users to make the calculator as easy to use as possible for the specific needs. All the settings, however, can cause confusion and make things more complicated. A master reset can automatically return the TI-89 back to its original factory settings.

    Turn on the TI-89 calculator and press the “2nd” and “6” buttons simultaneously. This key combination gives you access to the calculator's memory menu.

    Press “F1” to get to the Reset menu. Press the “Right Arrow” key once to access the “RAM” menu and then the “Down Arrow” key once to highlight “Default.”

    Press the “Enter” to reset the calculator to the factory settings. Press the “Enter” key again when asked to confirm your settings.

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