How to Get Rid of Stucco-Eating Birds

Get rid of stucco-eating birds with a few simple techniques.
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Some bird species like to peck through the stucco of buildings, homes and other structures. If birds notice the stucco has a hollow sound, they will instinctively begin pecking at it to find a space to nest. If left untreated, nuisance birds can cause serious damage to your stucco home or property. If you discover birds pecking or nesting on your stucco, take steps immediately before any damage is done.

    Place a motion-activated sprinkler near your home to safely get rid of birds. The sprinklers will go off when the birds get near your house and will scare them away.

    Hang some metallic strips where nuisance birds frequent. They will be scared away by the shiny light reflecting from the metallic strips and shouldn't come back.

    Purchase some nontoxic animal repellent from your local pet store. Spray some on the stucco where birds have been pecking. The repellent is not waterproof and will need to be reapplied regularly.

    Apply some adhesive mesh over your stucco to keep nuisance birds away. Mesh can be cut to, and fit around, stucco to eliminate openings and gaps to create a barrier from nuisance birds.

    Trim your hedges, trees, and shrubs frequently to deter birds from coming into your yard. Birds are attracted to thick vegetation because it provides protective shelter for nesting.

    Things You'll Need

    • Motion-detecting water sprinkler
    • Animal repellent
    • Metallic strips
    • Mesh


    • Do not use poison to get rid of the birds. Neighborhood pets may eat the birds and become poisoned, too, and die.


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