Science Education Thesis Topics

The world of science teaching is complex.
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While some people with a passion for science choose to pursue the subject in the lab, others wish to share their love of the subject by teaching science to others. If you are studying science education and seeking an engaging thesis theme, there are many from which you can choose. To ensure that your thesis not only earns you the college credit you require but also leaves you better prepared to tackle the challenges of teaching science, choose one that is particularly interesting and useful to you as a future science teacher.

Student-Related Issues

Some student-related issues apply directly to science. The gender gap, for example, is an issue of importance worthy of exploration. This topic refers to the disparity between the number of girls who choose science-related professions when compared with boys. By studying contemporary research into this subject, you can uncover some potential reasons for this gap and explore ways in which it could be eliminated.

If you want to be prepared to motivate your young scientists, make the topic of student motivation central to your research paper, studying an assortment of ways in which teachers can encourage kids to take an interest in the complex subject of science. To make your thesis stand out, put your experimentation skills to work by venturing out into a classroom and testing some of these techniques.

Teaching Styles

Not all science teaching is the same. In your thesis, explore an array of different teaching styles that science teachers can adopt. Study project-based learning, for example, a system in which students learn through the completion of projects instead of standard lectures. Or research constructivist learning principles, studying the ways in which those who are both for and against constructivist theory feel that students learn most effectively and how these beliefs influence their teaching.

Professional Development

After you are a science teacher, you will have to keep up with professional development, staying abreast of developments in the field of science, as well as science education. Study professional development law in your state, gathering information on what teachers must do to maintain their knowledge. Explore different professional development options and discuss each in your thesis, weighing the benefits of each potential program.

Science Standards

The science standards, guidelines created by the state board of education, dictate science teaching requirements. Gather information on the standards within your state, determining what you will be required to teach in your licensure area. Also explore the push toward a nationalized standards system, discussing the benefits of national as opposed to state standards.

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