Science Fair Hunting Project Ideas

Use hunting-related projects as science fair ideas.
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Though kids may balk at the idea of creating a science fair project, many schools require their students do so. Therefore, it is important to find a topic for the science fair project your child enjoys. Many children enjoy being outdoors and exploring the world around them; by coming up with science fair project ideas related to hunting, your kids may become more involved in their schoolwork.

Nature Hunts

Have children construct a science fair project based on the idea of hunting in the woods or a nearby nature preserve under the supervision of an adult for various natural objects. This helps the student identify the variety of plant and animal life present in the area. After the field experience have the student research which of the species he identified are native to the region and which were brought by people and are now established there.


One consequence hunting has on the environment is the change it brings to local ecosystems. For example, one argument fox hunters make in England is that if they don't hunt, foxes will kill too many other species. Have your child construct a map of an ecosystem of a nearby natural area showing which animal eats which other animals or species of plant. Then have the child theorize how hunting will affect the natural chain and when this can have either negative or positive effects.

Social Science

Have your child turn the science project into one with a social-science slant by going beyond the natural ecosystem and showing the effects hunting has on man. Adding to the ecosystem chart he made in Section Two, have the child show the benefits, such as protein, economic benefits, and so on, hunting may have on man, as well as any potential drawbacks.

Endangered Species

Have the student consider a science fair project based on hunting discussing the concept of human hunters creating endangered species. Work with your child to identify a number of endangered species caused by hunters; for example, if certain breeds of deer are endangered in your area, you can choose to focus on this deer, historical trends of deer population in the area, and make projections for future growth. Interviews with local naturalists can help augment the research aspect of this project.

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