Science Fair Magnet Ideas

Science Fair Magnet Ideas

When planning a science fair project, magnets are easy to get and easy to use. There are several experiments, some simple and some complicated, that you can do with magnets.


Potential magnet experiments include magnet strength tests, investigation of magnetic fields, building an electromagnet, magnetizing iron and testing materials to see if they are magnetic.


You can investigate many types of magnets, including bar magnets, horseshoe magnets and electromagnets. Each magnet is useful for different experiments.


Choose a science project that fits your abilities and time frame. You can quickly investigate magnetic fields with a few bar and horseshoe magnets and iron filings, or you can test the properties of electromagnetism by building electromagnets.


Explain how magnets are used and experiment with magnets in practice. You can test the strength of a magnet by picking up objects. You can build an electromagnet with insulated copper wire, a nail and a D-cell battery.


If you build an electromagnet, do not leave the wires attached to the battery for long periods of time, as this can cause extreme heating and can drain the battery. Also, be careful not to touch any exposed wire, to avoid a shock.

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