Science Fair Project on Clouds

Cloud science projects will teach students about the purpose and types of clouds.
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Since nearly everyone loves gazing in the sky to look at the clouds, students can stimulate their natural curiosity by conducting science projects about clouds. Cloud science projects will give students a better understanding of what clouds are and how they form.


Comprehensive projects will teach students about the different types and names of clouds and how to identify them by characteristics. More detailed science projects will delve into the concepts of evaporation and condensation.


There are five types of science projects—research, demonstration, investigation, collections and models, according to Simple projects may include informal observations about how clouds move through the sky and how they change shape. More formal science projects would take the observations further by recording data, analyzing the results and interpreting how the clouds might relate to weather patterns.


Scientist Steve Spangler’s website suggests an activity that demonstrates how air pressure and water vapor form clouds in the atmosphere (see References). For less-complex projects on clouds and the water cycle, students can place glass bowls over a small dish of water and watch how the water cycles through the air.

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