Science Fair Title Ideas

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The number of possible titles for Science fair exhibits are as varied as the many projects in a science fair. A title should catch the eye of the judges, pique their interest in the experiment or model and draw them to it. Choose something you are genuinely interested in and wish to know more about. The best titles come from determining what you want to find out or what question you want to answer. Here are some examples if you are struggling for ideas.

Biology Titles

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Whether animal, human or plant, biology concerns all things living on Earth, take your pick from these interesting titles:

Which Are More Effective: Organic Or Inorganic Fertilizers?

Do Plants Grow Better In Water or Soil?

Do Plants Respond To Classical Music?

Do Male And Female Resting Pulse Rates Differ?

How Does The Eye Work?

Is a Heartbeat Affected By Music?

Is Black And White Or Colored Text Easier To Remember?

Are Ants Picky Eaters? Do Changes in Light and Temperature Affect Shrimp Habitats?

Chemistry Titles

If you enjoy measuring and mixing to create chemical reactions you might want to choose a Chemistry title for your next science fair project.

How Do Ice Melt Products Affect Vegetation?

How Do Plants Measure Air Pollution?

How Much Water Pollution Is Unsafe?

How Fast Do Metals Corrode?

Are All Pennies Equal?

Does Temperature Affect Orange Juice?

Which Drinks Are More Corrosive To Teeth?

Do White Candles Burn Faster Than Colored Candles?

Dry Ice Experiments

Is Burning Trash Better For The Environment Than Using Land Fills?

Astronomy Titles

Earth and moon are popular astronomy project subjects.
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Looking beyond our planet into the solar system makes for a project that is literally out of this world. Choose from the following titles:

Explain How The Tilt Of The Earth Works

Build a Homemade Magnetometer

Make Your Own Comet

How Do Sundials Work?

How Does A Parallax Measure The Distance Of Objects?

What Makes Stars Twinkle?

Electricity Titles

Electricity is another common science project subject.
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Electricity is part of our everyday lives and it would be difficult to live without it in our modern lives. A project on any of these Electricity topics will surely catch the judge's eye.

Demonstrate Magnetic Field Shielding

What Do Magnetic Field Lines Look Like?

How Do Changes In Temperature Affect Power Generated By Solar Cells?

How To Build A Simple Electric Generator

Make Lightning In A Pan

Physics Titles

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Understanding how things work involves a study of physics, select one of these project titles to answer some practical problems.

Demonstrate The Use Of A Lever

Compare Buoyancy And Density Factors Of Cans Of Soda

How Does A Steel Ship Float?

What Are Anti-Bubbles?

How Does Color Affect Heat Absorption?

Fuels And Their Efficiency In Producing Energy

How Strong Are Plastic Wraps?

How Is Sound Produced?

What Is The Most Efficient Angle For Windmill Blades?

Which Bridge Design Is Stronger?

Demonstrate How To Bend Light

Illustrate The Doppler Effect

How To Measure The Speed of Sound?

What Makes Light White?

Medicine and Health Titles

Fancy yourself a future Doctor? Start your training early by choosing a medicine based science project.

Do Food Additives Affect Behavior In Young Children?

Which Furnace Filters Trap Air Particles Best?

Compare The Effectiveness Of Body Lotions

Compare Human Body Fat Measurement Instruments

Environmental Science Titles

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We can all do more to protect and preserve our beautiful world, these titles concern environmentalism and look for solutions to our climate troubles.

How To Investigate Air Quality

How Does the El Nino Effect Work?

How Is The Weather Forecasted?

How To Identify Biodegradable Materials

Make A Model Ecosystem In A Bottle

How To Set Up A Bio Gas Experiment

Can Recycled Newspaper Be Used As Plant Fertilizer?

Which Substance Holds The Most Solar Energy?

Soil Erosion Studies

Computer Science Titles

A computer awaits.
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If you have a love for technology design your own Computer Science project and wow the judges with any of these topics.

Design An Invincible Tic-Tac-Toe Program

Design And Build A Web Page

Web Animation Projects

Develop Frequency Histograms

Write an Encryption Program In JavaScript

Earth Science Titles

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The destructive force of mother nature provides plenty of science fair titles, choose from:

Demonstrate How Earthquakes Are Caused

Demonstrate How Erosion Happens In Different Soils

Make Your Own Fossils

Demonstrate How A Tsunami Happens

Make A Tornado In A Bottle

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