Science Projects on Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening experiments are good science projects.
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One of the simplest science projects for a student is to study the effects of whitening products. It is an appealing topic because there are so many products on the market that getting a large sample is not difficult. It is also a project that has relevance to society, which might make it more engaging for both the student and the project's target audience.

Which Work Best?

The most basic variation of a teeth-whitening project is to simply see which product works best. A student would need to gather a handful of different whitening agents, from toothpaste to mouthwash, and measure their effectiveness.

A twist on this project can focus on price. The student can answer the question of whether the most expensive product is also the most effective.

Reverse Project

A reverse of the whitening project can deal with stains. A student can compile a list of products known to stain teeth, such as coffee and dark sodas, then measure the effects of the products.

A more difficult form of this project could have two steps. First, there would be the determination of which product stains teeth most. Second, the student can investigate which whitening product is best at removing the stains.

Homemade Whiteners

A very hands-on project can be a student making all whitening products from scratch. Instead of buying toothpaste, a student can make baking soda concoctions and vinegar solutions to test.

This experiment would make a good compare and contrast project. The student can investigate whether homemade or store-bought products are more effective at whitening teeth.

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