Science Projects on Snails

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Snails are tiny creatures that live in shells. They have the ability to live on land and in water. Snails do not have limbs and have to crawl across surfaces. As they do so, they leave a watery liquid behind. Science projects are a way to learn about these fascinating creatures.

Speedy Snail

In the "Speedy Snails" science project, the goal is to determine the fastest surface that the snail will be able to move on. To do this project, choose three different objects that are similar in size such as a leaf, piece of cardboard and a piece of wood. Place a snail in the middle of one of the objects and use a stop watch to time how long it takes the snail to make it to the edge. Repeat this process for the other objects. Then draw a conclusion as to why the snail traveled at different paces among the objects.

Snail Habits

The science project "Snail Habits" takes a looks at snails living in a homemade habitat. Have students make a habitat for their snail by filling a clear plastic container with dirt and shrubs. Place several snails inside and secure a lid on the top. Observe the snails over a period of a month. At the end of the month, discuss any interesting things that were noticed about the snails or their habits while living in their habitats.

Hot or Cold

To determine a snail's temperature preferences in the "Hot or Cold" science experiment, pour an inch of hot water in one cup and an inch of cold water in another cup. Place a snail in the hot water cup and use a stop watch to time how long it takes for the snail to climb out of the cup. Then place the snail in the cup of cold water and time how long it takes it to climb out of that cup. Whichever cup the snail stays in longest is the one with the temperature that it prefers.

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