Senior Project Ideas for Electronic Engineering

Computer programming can play a major role in your senior project.
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Students studying electronic engineering generally look forward to jobs as developers, manufacturers, designers and testers of electronic equipment for companies around the world. In order to complete a degree in electronic engineering and successfully jump start a career in this field, most educational institutions require a senior project to be completed before graduation.

Robotic Design

As an electronic engineer, you need to be well-versed in the technical, digital and practical aspects of design. To showcase a combination of these skills, students can write up a computer program to interface with an analog circuit in order to control and manipulate robotics of their own invention. The computer code allows for free movement of the robot, whether it is a hand or a more complicated creation.

Hearing Aid

Students have the opportunity to use their skills to improve already existing technology like hearing aids. This can be done by developing the software for either an adjustable filter or an automatic level control. Another option is to develop a program that records speech digitally in a smart phone. With this program, the sound recording can be played back to the hearing impaired when it is needed using Bluetooth technology.

Autonomous Vehicle

The creation of an autonomous vehicle depends on writing a computer program that allows for a car or other invention to function on its own, depending on the code written for it. This project has particular significance because it has the advantage of being used in dangerous situations like military combat. Because of the nature of work for which these robots are used, students take into particular account the sturdiness and practicality of their projects as well as their freedom from human dependence.

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