Specifications of the E-Z-Go Engine

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The E-Z-Go golf cart is easily adapted to other uses beyond the golf course. It can be used in large manufacturing facilities, construction sites or anywhere else where people have to travel moderate distances in a short time.


E-Z-Go states to check the engine oil once a week, and add if needed. For every 20 hours of running time, check the engine over for any debris, unusual noises or oil leaks. After every 50 hours, check the fuel system for any cracks or leaks. Also check the spark plug boots for any cracks or dry rotting. After every 125 hours, clean or replace the air and oil filter, and perform an oil change. After 250 hours, replace the spark plugs and fuel filter.

Recommended Oil and Spark Plugs

The oil weight to use is 10W-30 to 10W-40. The categories the oil must meet is either SF, SG, or CC. These are very common motor oil ratings, and most oils made for automotive use will meet this criteria. The oil capacity is 1 1/2 qts. The recommended spark plugs is manufactured by NGK, number NGK BPR4ES. The gap is 20 thousandths to 30 thousandths of an inch.

Engine Type

For all models of the E-Z-Go, the engine is air cooled and produces 9 horsepower. The engine is a twin-cylinder unit, displacing 18 cubic inches. It has a overhead cam, with overhead valves. The ignition is solid state with an RPM limiter, or a governor that prevents over-revving.

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