How to Find the Square Root on a Texas Instrument TI-30X IIS

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A multi-function scientific calculator with a solar power option, the Texas Instruments TI-30X IIS can do even more operations that appear possible by looking at the keyboard. The secret is the "2nd" key in the top left corner. Colored a light blue to distinguish it from the buttons around it, this key enables an alternate use for many of the function keys. If you want to calculate the square root of a number, you'll need to use this button in conjunction with the x2 key.

Keyboard Layout

The keys on the TI-30X IIS are color coded to distinguish numbers, operations and functions. The number keys are white and the function keys are black. The operation keys are light blue. Mathematical operation keys are mostly arranged vertically on the right side of the instrument, and scroll keys occupy a square on the upper right. The key you need for the square root calculation – the "2nd" key – is on the upper left. The other key you need for the square root calculation is the x2 key. It's black and just to the left of the number pad.

Square Root Calculation

    This is a black function key located just above the 9 on the number keypad.

    This is located at the bottom of the column of blue operation keys.

Cube Roots and Beyond

You can use a similar procedure to find the nth root of a number. Instead of the x2 key, you'll be using the exponent key (^) right above it.

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