How to Stop a Fire Sprinkler

Many fire sprinkler designs are available, none of which are basic.
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A fire sprinkler system is a great added piece of security that can protect your family and home. If a fire starts, the system will respond quickly and put out the threat. To stop a fire sprinkler when it is going, a simple method is all you will need. Just make sure that you have access to your sprinkler system's water valve, which you should be able to find if you call the company that installed the system.

If You Can Reach the Sprinkler System Manufacturer

    Get a phone and the number of your sprinkler system's installation company.

    The company will tell you the location of the water valve that controls the sprinkler system in your home or business.

    Find that valve and turn it clockwise until it the sprinkler system turns off.

If You Cannot Reach Your Sprinkler System Manufacturer

    Go outside your house, where you would hook up a hose.

    On or near the same location where you would hook up your hose, there should be another valve. It is circular, usually red, and has holes in the knob.

    Turn this valve clockwise to shut off the main water supply in the house until you can reach your sprinkler system manufacturer to learn the location of the sprinkler system valve.

    Once you can find and turn off the sprinkler system valve, turn the water supply to your home back on.


    • If the sprinkler system somehow malfunctions and goes off on its own, or will not shut off after a fire, you can use the main water valve located on the side of the building. This valve is usually located on or near the same valve where a hose can be hooked up. Turn this clockwise as well to turn off the water supply to your home or business.


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