Styrofoam Globe Project

A simple kids project that is a lot of fun to do.
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Making a globe of the world out of a Styrofoam ball is a fun project for kids. The globe is versatile, and can be as detailed or as abstract as you want. Making a globe is a hands-on way to learn about the Earth.


Use a Styrofoam globe for a visual representation of the Earth. The end result should be colorful, accurate and compact enough to move easily between home and school. Globe-shaped Styrofoam can be obtained at any craft specialty store, and usually found in the craft section of most major department stores.

How to Make the Globe

Using a map, sketch the land masses onto the Styrofoam with a pen. You will paint over the lines, so do not worry if you make a mistake. Using a greenish or brown color, fill in the land masses with the paint. Paint the rest of the area blue to represent the oceans.


Styrofoam is easy to customize. Use the edge of a pencil to give texture to mountains. If you do not like the effect of the paint on the porous Styrofoam, you can papier-mache with strips of newspaper around the edges, then paint the newspaper once it dries.

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