How to Test a Ski Doo Ignition Coil

Test resistance with a digital multimeter.
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Testing the ignition coil in your Ski Doo snowmobile will inform you if starting problems stem from faulty equipment. Then you will know the vehicle needs a new ignition coil, so you can maximize your time enjoying winter adventures. An ignition coil converts the voltage from the snowmobile's battery to a much larger value to allow the spark plugs to ignite fuel. Inside the device, two long wires carry electrical current that induce magnetic fields fro the voltage increase. To work properly each coil must offer a specified amount of resistance to the electricity.

    Switch on the digital multimeter then turn its measurement dial to the resistance setting. Resistance is measured in ohms and denoted on the dial by the capital Greek letter omega.

    Connect the red (positive) probe of the multimeter to the positive, outer post of the ignition coil. Touch the black (negative) probe of the multimeter to the outer, negative post of the device to measure the resistance of the primary coil. If the reading differs from that stated in the Ski Doo's manual the ignition coil needs replaced.

    Connect the black probe of the multimeter to the central, negative terminal of the ignition coil. This creates a resistance reading for the secondary coil. Again, if the tested resistance is not what is given in the owners manual the ignition coil has gone bad.

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