The Difference Between Remediation & Intervention in Mathematics

Remediation and intervention strategies help struggling students master math concepts.
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Students who do not master mathematics objectives early on often struggle in later math instruction. Effective remediation and intervention strategies are essential. Remediation involves reteaching, while intervention is appropriate for students with learning difficulties or special needs.


Remediation is the effective reteaching of material not previously mastered when it was originally taught, according to a research study for the Southeastern Regional Council for Educational Improvement by Gypsy Anne Abbott and Elizabeth McEntire. A successful remediation strategy covers any prerequisite concepts or skills needed to understand the current objective.


Many students have difficulty learning math because of memory problems, learning difficulties or other challenges. According to a study by E.H. Kroesbergen and J.E.H. Van Luit, intervention is used to teach basic math skills and problem-solving strategies for students with special needs.


Intervention is the proper response to target specific learning disabilities for students with special needs. Remediation, on the other hand, is appropriate for any student that lacks mastery of a given mathematical concept. Students who did not learn the material the first time it was taught may simply need reteaching or a fresh approach, while students with problems learning may also need modifications to the lessons and assessments, more time to complete assignments or shortened assignments.

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