The Top 10 Winning Science Fair Ideas About Hamsters

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A science fair is a competitive event that allows students to showcase their research on any subject or object. To complete projects, the students use a scientific process to define a topic, use their resources, create a report for the project and a display for the project that showcases the hypothesized end results. The student also gives an oral project presentation to the science fair judges. Projects involving a hamsters are common. You can create many different winning science fair project ideas built around hamsters.

Hamster Maze

Create a hamster maze out of wood, cardboard or glass. At the end of the maze, place a treat for your hamster. Time the hamster going through the maze. Change the layout of the maze and chart which maze is the easiest and which is the hardest for your hamster. Conclude the reasons for your results.

Various Hamster Food Effects on Wheel Usage

Change the types of food you feed your hamster for seven days. Each day, give the hamster a different type of food. Observe the behavior of the hamster throughout each day and chart your findings on the food effects.

Hamster Powered Fan

Create an electrical connection to a fan that you build yourself without any batteries. Connect the fan to the hamster wheel however you want. Through trial and error, power the fan by having the hamster turn the wheel.

Musical Effects on Hamster Eating Habits

Play different genres of music such as rock, jazz, rap and country for the hamster and observe the activity of the hamster during 10-minute intervals.

Color Effects on a Hamster

Tape colored construction paper around the hamster cage. Put the hamster through a series of tests. Replace the colored paper with a new color and repeat the tests. Observe how the hamster responds to the tests for each color.

Moon Phase Effect on Hamster Activity

Chart the moon phases for 30 days. Research the electromagnetic activity the moon gives off during each moon phase. Install a small video recorder in the cage of the hamster. Observe the activity each day for 30 days and chart the activity. Compare the results at the end of the trial.

Hamster Alertness Day vs Night

Trick your hamster into thinking that it is day when it is really night and night when it is day. Use a dark room or a dark cover over the hamster wheel during the day and install a small infrared camera in the hamster cage. Observe the hamster patterns during the pretend day and pretend night, then again in the real day and real night.

Hamster Electricity Production

Create a battery-powered apparatus and hook a conductive wire to the hamster wheel. Allow the hamster to run on the hamster wheel to produce electricity.

Hamster Personality Differences Around Other Hamsters

Create a glass barrier in the hamster cage. Introduce another hamster on the opposite side of the current hamster. Observe the behavior the hamster has before the new hamster and after.

Hamster Speed Stimuli

Stimulate the hamster with various types of smells. Observe how each smell makes the hamster react.

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