How to Use Log on a TI-83

You can solve a log problem with a TI-83 or a slide rule.
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The TI-83 is a graphing calculator created by Texas Instruments, also known as TI. TI invented the first handheld calculator in 1967. The TI-83 was introduced in 1996. The “LOG” button on a TI-83 is for logarithms, which reverse the process of exponentiation. The “LOG” button on a TI-83 uses log base 10. To enter the log of a different base, you will need to use the change of base property: logb(x) is the same as log(x)/log(b).

    Press the “LOG” button, enter the number you want to take the log of and press the “)” key.

    Press the “÷” key.

    Press the “LOG” button and then enter the number of the base and “)”.

    Press the “ENTER” key.


    • To find log10 (x), press the “LOG” button, type the number you want to take “)” and then “ENTER.” Use the “LN” button in the same manner to take the natural log.

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