What Do Monkeys Eat?

Monkeys eat insects, leaves, fruits and even other monkeys. They often spend most of their time in the wild searching for food to create a balanced diet. Learn how monkeys in captivity are fed commercial monkey biscuits with information from a biological anthropologist and primate specialist in this free video on monkeys.

About the Author

Dr. Sian Evans is a scientist with Monkey Jungle in Miami, Fla. She was born and educated in the United Kingdom. She studied Zoology at the University of London, and received a master's degree in biological anthropology from the University of Durham. She was awarded her PhD in 1991 from the University of Whales. Evans has lived and studied primates in Africa, where she also helped raise orphaned gorillas. She is the managing director of the DuMond Conservatory for Primates and Tropical Forests, and also teaches in the Biology Department at Florida International University.