What Is a June Bug & Japanese Beetle?

June bugs are nocturnal and feed on foliage.
••• june bug image by Tammy Mobley from Fotolia.com

June bugs and Japanese beetles are similar in what they eat and the damage they can do to grass and plants, but the june bug is nocturnal and the Japanese beetle does most of its feeding during the day.

June Bug Appearance

June bugs get their name from their appearance in the summer in porch lights all over the United States. They have maroon-brown wings and have ventral hair.

June Bugs

June bugs come out at night to feed on the foliage of trees and shrubs. They go to porch lights because they mistake the bright light for the moon or stars and orient to the light until they collide with it.

Japanese Beetles

The Japanese beetle is metallic green with bronze wing covers. The beetle was first noticed in New Jersey in 1916 and has since been seen eating plants throughout the eastern half of the country.

Japanese Beetle Eating Habits

Adult Japanese beetles feed during the day on tender leaves, ripening fruit and flowers. They often cluster in groups of 20 or more so that they can devour things quickly.


Both the Japanese beetle and june bug lay their eggs under the surface of lawns and grassy areas. The larvae (grubs) feed on the grass roots until they are forced below the frost line, only to emerge in the summer as adults.

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