What Is the Definition for a Natural Habitat & a Man Made Habitat?

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Habitats occur in nature, but may also be designed and fabricated by man. Both types of habitats serve as an environment in which a species can live and thrive.


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The word habitat is derived from the Greek word meaning home. A habitat is the natural environment, or physical environment in which a species lives.

Natural Habitat

The term natural habitat refers to an environment occurring naturally in forests, wetlands, deserts, grasslands and the Arctic tundra, which supports a particular species through a natural provision of water, shelter, an area conducive to birthing, and food.

Man-made Habitat

Man-made Habitat
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A man-made habitat refers to an environment manufactured or created by human beings, which contains the elements, sometimes synthetic, which would otherwise be found in a natural habitat, and are necessary to support a species.


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A natural habitat is formed organically, within a natural environment, without assistance from man. Man-made habitats have been manipulated by people, in an effort to mimic a natural habitat. A zoo is a good example of a man-made habitat.


Both types of habitats include the vital elements to support a species, which are shelter, an area conducive to birthing, water and food.

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