What Kind of Plants Live in the Bamboo Forest?

Bamboo forests contain plants other than just bamboo.
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Bamboo is a fast-growing plant that is a popular indoor garden plant, and the most popular food of panda bears. Bamboo forests are important for a number of ecosystems around the planet.


Bamboo is the primary plant growing in bamboo forests. Bamboo replaces trees as the largest and most prominent plant. The quick growth of bamboo means that forests are renewed regularly.


Grass often grows in and around bamboo forests, especially in man-made bamboo stands. The low growth does not interfere with the growth of bamboo and thrives on the rich soil produced by dead bamboo leaves.


Like grass, ferns are plants that grow low to the ground and thrive in rich soil. They do not compete with bamboo plants for light or nutrients, which allows both plants to grow without excess difficulty.

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