What Simple Machines Are in a Lawn Mower

Although a basic push lawn mower seems complex, a number of the parts on a lawn mower consist of simple machines. According to the University of Arkansas, all lawn mowers are machines, no matter how complex the machine is. All machines, including lawn mowers, are created using a least one of the six simple machines.

Wheel and Axle

Perhaps one of the most obvious simple machines in a lawn mower is the wheel and axle. A wheel and axle consists of a single rod which fits into the middle of a circle or wheel. According to Scholastic, a wheel and axle is technically two machines. You can use a wheel and axle to roll across the ground or as a type of lever, like in a door knob. A lawn mower features the first type of wheel and axle since it has two sets of wheels.

Screw or Inclined Plane

If you've ever put a lawn mower together or used one, you've probably noticed all the screws keeping it together. A screw is a simple machine, and, according to the University of Arkansas, a screw is actually a version of the inclined plane, which features an even, sloping surface. A screw has an even, sloping surface which wraps around a circular rod. The lawn mower also includes another inclined plane, the blade.


Inside your lawn mower, you'll find a belt drive. The belt drive is a system of pulleys which keeps the lawn mower functioning when it's on. A pulley is a simple machine which features a rope or other string-like element wrapped around one side of a round wheel. When the wheel moves, the rope moves or vice versa. In a lawn mower, a series of belts are wrapped around powered individual pulleys, creating the drive system, which keeps the belts moving.

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